marketing analytics platform (MAP)

we help our clients unlock the value of their disparate data—from offsite marketing to onsite behavior to CRM—by integrating these data sets in our own marketing analytics platform (MAP), thus unlocking the potential for transformative analytical insights to be uncovered.

Data Analytics Platform Diagram

what we do?

collect. we capture digital, customer and POS data through existing and newly implemented systems.

integrate. we tie together disparate data to help surface insights not otherwise possible to see from a siloed view.

report. we create custom dashboards and ad hoc reports tailored to our client’s business needs, and offer flexibility for insight discovery.

apply. we execute ad hoc and automated modeling and analytics; plus syndicate for media and site optimization.

our point of view:

siloed data can’t be used to its full potential: we help break down the barriers between our client’s siloed data, surfacing previously unavailable insights and relationships.

your team must be agile and cross-functional: by applying a dedicated team of project and product managers, along with data engineers and scientists, we are able to nimbly ingest data sources and configure our client’s data to drive their analytics and reporting needs.

canned reports belong in the can: we develop custom dashboards and visualizations with a singular focus on enabling our clients to take action, rather than flounder in an endless cycle of unhelpful reporting.

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