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At Ovative/group, we’re no stranger to idioms; and none more paramount than, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” Across any of our client’s digital assets, from desktop to mobile, apps to in-store, we develop and manage site optimization programs that deliver measurable conversion improvement. In other words, our clients depend on us to make sure the horse drinks and keeps coming back for more.

what we do

a/b testing program management

A/B testing is a testing method that uses data and statistics to compare two versions of a single variable to measure the performance impact of that single change. We make confident decisions by taking a structured testing approach to optimizing your site.


site personalization

Personalization is the adjustment of content, copy or total experience based on data points specific to an individual or a visitor segment, to create a targeted, personalized experience for the user. There are many personalization tactics that we deploy, but they generally fall within 4 different themes: situational, media, behavioral, customer.


landing page optimization

Landing pages are specific pages designed to capture a visitor’s information in a simple, easy flow, and are used as a destination page for paid media campaigns. The combination of the simple, easy information capture and the targeted content enables significantly higher conversion than driving that same traffic to your general website. We maximize your paid media investment by effectively managing, measuring and testing your landing page experiences.


site analytics

Site analytics is the measurement and reporting of all on-site activity. Reports and dashboards provided through your site analytics tool provide a wealth of data to review, but it requires an experienced analyst to understand the appropriate way to segment the data and execute ad hoc analysis to interpret the information correctly and get meaningful insights for your business.


site analytics implementation

Implementation of your site analytics tool is a complex project that involves identifying your business requirements, then translating them into the functional and technical data requirements to ensure the tool will capture the data you need, feed the reporting and analytics that power continuous conversion improvement.

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