enhancing media performance through cross-channel digital insights


  • identified that 40% of digital budget, across paid search, display, and online video, was driving only 5% of student acquisitions and could be shifted to more productive channels
  • provided a new level of visibility to media performance from lead to enrollment via cross-channel digital measurement system, with insights at both the macro level (channel, sub-channel) and detailed level (keyword, display creative, etc)


The client had limited visibility into the effectiveness of their paid media channels. They had siloed data systems that did not connect to tell the true story of the performance of their media or site performance and were unable to determine how to optimize their media channels to increase student acquisition and find media cost savings.

Our approach

We began by helping the client identify critical objectives to inform capability development. With those priorities set, Ovative led a thorough gaps assessment across existing systems to determine where investment was required to support future capabilities.

Our team then integrated and automated web analytics, digital marketing and external lead funnel data into a single cross-channel measurement system, which provides a single source of truth on effectiveness of their media from lead to new student acquisition.

Finally, to support stakeholder understanding and insight, Ovative developed data visualizations that provide powerful and elegant views into business & marketing channel performance.