improve evaluation of marketing effectiveness through omni-channel measurement


  • $1.5 in store sales for every $1 in ecom sales meant digital media was undervalued by 150%
  • +40% increase in digital media budget given visibility to full enterprise value


A fashion retailer sees value in digital marketing, but is evaluating marketing effectiveness based on only ecommerce sales – missing the value driven to store sales & in acquiring new customers. By measuring the full impact of their digital media, better decisions can be made to optimize their digital investments.

Our approach

We enabled an omni-channel measurement solution by connecting digital behavior (cookies) to in-store customers. This enabled us to understand the in-store impact of our digital marketing efforts. Additionally, we enabled customer acquisition reporting to identify the channels that drove large amounts of new customers. Once theses final pieces were in place, we had the full picture of the enterprise impact digital media has on the business (ecommerce + store sales + new customers). From here, we re-evaluated budgets & channel mix and conducted testing to confirm the measurement findings