shift internal conversation away from last click and traffic metrics to more meaningful enterprise KPIs


  • this shift opened the door to multiple optimization tactics which yielded >$35M in media efficiencies.


A large U.S. retailer struggled to effectively optimize digital marketing channels, lacking visibility into customer-level performance. Additionally, siloed metrics resulted in digital channels being undervalued and misrepresented by reporting, limiting agency partner effectiveness. Ovative was brought in to serve as a channel-agnostic measurement partner to build and wield a more effective measurement environment.

Our approach

We began our journey by evaluating the client’s existing data assets and capabilities. Identifying online-to-offline measurement as a significant gap, we built an analytics environment where CRM and store transaction data could be merged with digital touchpoints, achieving match rates of >20% using first party data only. We then used this environment to quantify the impact of digital channels on the store and analyze various attribution methodologies to prove the case for a multi-touch attribution partner.

We led the client through selection and implementation of an attribution partner, ensuring a smooth implementation and subsequent usage of the tool. Finally, we drove the activation of these new measurement tools which eventually led to organization-wide changes in KPIs, and dramatic media efficiency gains.