The goal of Display Marketing is to develop an approach to reach high value audience segments throughout the purchase funnel that deliver on our clients’ brand, acquisition and revenue goals. Innovations in Display advertising around audience targeting and programmatic buying make it a space that is a foundational place to play for many brands for many different types of initiatives.

strategy development

Strategy development within the Display channel is essential to the overall digital media and marketing strategy of our clients. We’re experts at understanding who your customer is, what your broader marketing strategy is and how to best reach audiences while maximizing the impact of your message.

strategy development services include:

  • defining the roles of various channels and tactics throughout the engagement funnel
  • identifying partners and environments that align with the target audience and campaign goals
  • developing a buying approach which could include a variety of media buying and delivery channels including direct, programmatic, platform, etc.
  • understanding and partnering on creative strategy of prioritized channels and tactics to leverage best practices, including all varieties of media messaging including video, interactive and dynamic units, social, etc.
  • recommending appropriate KPIs, measurement and optimization plans

channel strategy and optimization

Our channel strategy and optimization always include both target audience and segmentation development through:

  • leveraging first party data to conduct audience segment discovery for behavioral, interest or look-alike, or retention targeting approaches
  • conducting segmentation plus media environment optimizations for all tactics driven by using variety first party and syndicated data offerings
  • creating granular segmentation to isolate performance and manage planning bidding appropriately

optimization services

  • going beyond media delivery to test and optimize experience variables including messaging, ad units, click destination and more
  • leveraging account segmentation and structure to concentrate investments in a thoughtfully designed structure across platforms
  • testing platform-specific bid optimizations settings including CPA, CPC, CPM, etc. across Paid Social and Display platforms where available
  • testing programmatic pricing through private exchange, preferred deals or otherwise to achieve optimal pricing for desired inventory and target audiences
  • applying technology tools via PMDs or DSPs where applicable to test bidding

creative optimization services

  • using dynamic creative technologies that drive personalization including dc product, store location, promotion or treatment
  • continually testing creative types (including video, image, and text) as well as messaging treatments to optimize performance using a variety of multiple
  • working closely with internal teams or external agencies to drive creative roadmap and testing strategies with the goal of improving relevant KPIs based on objective