Social Media is an essential part of any digital strategy for ecommerce retailers. In an ever-changing environment, social platforms provide a unique opportunity to utilize emerging technologies, data and reach to activate marketing and media strategies. The philosophy of Ovative/group’s paid social program management revolves around an ideology of analysis, testing, and optimization.

testing & execution

Although Paid Social campaigns have a unique set of targeting opportunities and differentiated user experiences, we utilize paid social platforms as another inventory source to reach the target audience of our clients and measure campaign effectiveness using similar key-performance indicators as the other channels that we manage. This allows our teams to measure campaign success against other channels to optimize spend towards the highest performing channel.


Primary KPIs include:

  • Ad Actions
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • Engagement rate
  • Website Conversions
  • Lead
  • Add to cart
  • Purchase

Secondary KPIs include:

  • Page likes
  • Event comments
  • App installs

creative optimization

We work closely with our clients internal creative teams and creative agencies to provide best practices, feedback and performance results of assets and ad units utilized in paid social campaigns.

We currently partner with an external creative resource to help with the development of creative assets for clients that do not utilize internal creative teams or have creative agency relationships. Ovative/group is actively building out a creative capabilities team to facilitate the creation of image assets for paid social campaigns as well as other channels including Display.