Search Engine Marketing continues to evolve in both marketplace dynamics and measurement of the true impact of investments on enterprise revenue and new customers. Ovative/group relentlessly utilizes data-driven optimization tactics to increase efficiencies of your paid search channel. We strive to provide an action-oriented and transparent partnership.

approach to SEM

Ovative/group knows that Paid Search is an essential part of all paid media programs and, to be effective, it requires strong measurement fundamentals to enable constant testing, learning, and optimization. Data-driven decision-making is crucial to ensure that Paid search is achieving maximum incremental ROI.

approach to optimization

Ovative completes all of the following tasks on a daily/weekly cadence:

bid optimization

  • perform hands-on, daily analysis and keyword bid adjustments
  • utilize custom bid strategy by match type to gain efficiencies
  • strategic utilization of negative keywords to eliminate wasted spend
  • develop and implement granular segmentation by device, geography, time of day, and day of week

promotional planning

  • proactively adjust bid strategies in alignment with clients’ promotional calendar to maximize ROAS
  • adjust ad copy to accurately reflect clients’ priority messages (values, seasonal, promotion, etc.)

ad copy optimization

  • align ad copy to current site promotions and messaging
  • continually A/B test ad copy to increase both click through rates, quality score and revenue per visitor and revenue per impression

keyword expansion

  • increase non-brand, long-tail keyword coverage through aggressive keyword mining from search engines, match type mining, bid management platform, web analytics and other supplementary technologies
  • ensure appropriate keyword coverage to support and scale new product and store launches

budget & forecasting

  • actively provide budget and forecast information to articulate views of business that help drive decisions around allocation, opportunity investment, etc.


  • we strive to advance the measurement of our media to better understand and report against how our search marketing truly drives bottom line results.