The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to increase the organic visibility of your website in search engines, enabling your customers to find you more easily. In order to get the most out of the organic channel, you need a strong SEO partner in place to set channel strategy, identify and prioritize opportunities, and mobilize your teams and resources to act. Effective SEO requires expert coordination across your organization – and we’ve got years of experience doing exactly this for enterprise clients.

Ovative/group offers a full suite of services supporting the core components of effective SEO:

  • Technical SEO
  • On page optimization
  • Authority optimization
  • Content strategy
  • Local SEO

technical SEO approach

Websites often have technical barriers that inhibit their ability to compete in organic search. Many are unknown; they take a trained eye and specialized tools to find. Other barriers are known, but are deprioritized due to a lack of proper understanding of their significance or lack of clarity on how to resolve.

Our team has collective decades of experience identifying, prioritizing, and working hands-on with your development resources to resolve technical issues impacting your site.

examples of technical SEO services and project deliverables include:

  • Technical audits, assessing the health of factors that directly impact crawling, rendering, and indexation of your site
  • Server log analysis, identifying exactly how search engine spiders are interacting with your site
  • Site migrations, including requirements development, site architecture creation, and redirect mapping
  • New feature specifications, controlling factors like rules-based indexation logic, markup recommendations, automatically updating tiered XML sitemaps, and more
  • Site speed optimization, including Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) implementations
  • Monitoring of technical issues and overall site health

on page optimization approach

As search today is driven by keywords, it’s imperative to understand your target audience deeply and leverage that terminology in a way that search engines comprehend. Keyword research is the foundation of any SEO project; it informs everything from on-page optimization to content strategy. Ovative/group identifies qualified keyword targets by utilizing best-in-class keyword and competitive analysis tools in conjunction with your internal resources and data. We relentlessly focus on non-brand keywords to help our clients consistently acquire new customers, and leverage these keywords in metadata, page headers, internal links, and site content for maximum relevancy.

examples of on-page optimization services and project deliverables include:

  • Keyword research, mapping, and metadata development to ensure each page has a strong focus with minimal internal competition
  • Content gap analysis to identify relevant areas of strong search demand with either little or no rankable content
  • Page template optimization to efficiently scale relevancy enhancements in enterprise contexts
  • Taxonomy recommendations and development to structure your content to target terms across the funnel
  • Competitive benchmarking, including daily visibility monitoring
  • Featured snippet optimization, optimizing content structure to increase inclusion in Google’s featured snippets at the top of search results
  • Internal linking strategy and execution to maximize relevancy and authority flow

authority optimization approach (link building & outreach)

At Ovative/group, we believe in building relationships, not links. When you stop trying to build links at scale and shift focus to placing your products and services in front of the right people – you build more than links. You build an audience. Let us help you identify and engage with influencers in your space while navigating the ever-changing rules and guidelines established by Google. We can help with questions such as, how and when to use nofollow, when it is appropriate to guest blog and how to resolve a manual link penalty.

examples of services and project deliverables include:

  • Influencer discovery and engagement, identifying key individuals in a wide variety of niches
  • Comprehensive link audits, assessing penalty risks and competitive opportunities
  • Link reclamation, reactivating lost value from broken links
  • Brand mention monitoring to identify sources where high-value sites are mentioning your brand with no link
  • Content/asset outreach and promotion, helping promote strong content assets to complementary sources online

content strategy & marketing approach

A cohesive SEO content strategy will help provide near limitless opportunities to grow your organic visibility by identifying and creating content that’s relevant to your audience. Content generation helps you gain authority, establish relevance for specific topics, and attract visitors throughout the purchase funnel – and works great as upper-funnel landing experiences for paid media channels. Whether you have a library of existing content or are starting from scratch, Ovative/group can develop a strategy that will maximize your visibility through effective content development, promotion and distribution.

examples of content services and project deliverables include:

  • Topic generation, where we leverage search demand data to identify and prioritize content opportunities in the form of an editorial calendar
  • Persona development, identifying your core content audience profiles
  • Competitive analysis to reverse-engineer competitor content strategies and craft stronger content
  • Long-form content to target high search volume topics with competitive, evergreen content
  • Content creation services, managing the creation and distribution of optimized content
  • Promotional strategies, leveraging organic and paid content marketing tactics to reach new customers

local SEO approach

If you’re a retailer or any other type of business with physical store locations, you need a comprehensive local SEO strategy to maximize visibility for queries with local intent. The local search ecosystem is driven by many nuanced factors, and when not optimized properly, can wreak havoc on the accuracy and visibility of your locations. Local SEO services from Ovative leverage best-in class location data management partners to clean up incorrect, duplicate, or outdated business listings in an efficient manner, while providing strong location pages on your site that are maximized for keywords with local intent.

examples of local SEO services and project deliverables include:

  • Listings audits to identify coverage and consistency of your business information in the local directories that matter
  • Location page optimization, maximizing relevancy signals for individual locations for relevant, localized search terms
  • Customer review strategies, helping to grow quantity and quality of reviews on first and third-party websites
  • Local visibility reporting, monitoring rankings across individual ZIP codes on a daily basis