MAP capabilities

MAP product capabilities overview

MAP is a unified marketing measurement and optimization platform used to enable decisions that maximize enterprise value.

MAP is a modular technology solution – its capabilities can be mixed and matched to the tools in place at our clients or to stand up an entirely new platform. It is comprised of four primary capability areas: data collection & identity resolution, advanced marketing measurement (MMX, MTA, O2O), unified marketing analytics, and optimization tools.

MAP was built to be platform/tool agnostic and support clients with solutions and technologies that are already in place.

data collection + identity resolution

customer-centric & leading data collection to unlock flexible capabilities for measurement + activation


leading match rate fidelity: 50-80%+ match rate of customer audience to digital identity

vendor agnostic activation: agnostic targeting ecosystem, unlocking digital reach against over 500+ media platforms

transparency: methodologies are transparent and can be integrated with internal systems

platform independence: platform changes will not impact online-to-store system

scalability: most complete pixel-tracking available and can expand into POS, kiosk, and future offline applications

advanced marketing measurement

applying the best attributes of MTA + MMM to use each tool for it’s intended purpose and filtering results based on segment, marketing channel, conversion channel, device, product, and more

multi-touch attribution (MTA) key features:

  • time decay
  • treats different customer types differently
  • user-driven channel logic
  • online-to-offline
  • predictive probability model

media mix modeling MMM key features:

  • advanced regression model
  • seasonal & regional impacts
  • auto correlated factors
  • n-fold accuracy backtesting
  • integrates into unifying layer

unified marketing analytics

integrates available measurement tools to form a single set of enterprise metrics that is more accurate than agency data, more granular than MMM, and more available than MTA. this set of enterprise metrics can also directly enable addressable media investments

unifying options

each of the following option unlocks a step towards a complete enterprise source of truth:

  • MTA + real-time metrics: enable real-time optimization to the best view of the customer (MTA)
  • incrementality measures (real-time metrics + MTA + incrementality test results): validate business hypotheses & measures casual impact of media
  • MMM + MTA + real-time metrics + incrementality test results: budget planning, forecasting, and reporting off of a single set of enterprise metrics

approach overview

integrate currently available tools to form a single set of enterprise metrics that is more accurate than agency data, more granular than MMM, and more available than MTA. this set of enterprise metrics can directly enable addressable media investments.

optimization tools

budget planning, syndications, and reporting tools are used to operationalize your enterprise metrics and make it easier to turn decisions into action

  • web-based dashboards: digital UI, customizable by audience, used to understand marketing performance and exploratory analytics to achieve goal KPIs
  • budget decisioning: use measured performance data to recommend budgets across channels and tactics on weekly, monthly, quarterly basis
  • syndication: integrates enterprise metrics and audience data into bid management and other buying platforms for programmatic optimization, targeting, and more