MAP is a unified marketing measurement and optimization platform used to break down data silos and bring together complex data points, enabling decisions that maximize enterprise value.

an overview of MAP (Marketing Analytics Platform)

MAP is a modular technology solution – its capabilities can be mixed and matched to the tools in place at our clients or to stand up an entirely new platform. All capabilities are planned and developed with a maniacal focus on five core areas: data strategy, audience behaviors, enterprise kpis, incrementality & actionability.

data strategy

audience behaviors

enterprise kpis



MAP product capabilities overview

1. Data Collection & Identity Resolutioncollect, onboard, and integrate

  • 1st party omni-channel pixel
  • media platform integrations
  • offline/CRM integration
  • 3rd party attributes + identities (identityLink)

noteworthy MAP collection / identity resolution* stats:

  • offline recognition covers 95% of US adults and 100% of households
  • online identity graph matched to 170 million online US consumers
  • 20 new platforms integrated in the last 6 months

*stats include benefits from MAP integration with LiveRamp IdentityLink

2. Advanced Marketing Measurementtop down + bottom-up analytical methods

  • multi-touch attribution (MTA)
  • media mix modeling (MMM)
  • online-to-offline (o2o)
  • audience segments + LTV

noteworthy MAP marketing measurement metrics & dimensions:

  • acquisition metrics applied: new, new omni, new-to-web, new-to-store
  • sales metrics applied: LTV, digital-influenced in-store, incremental sales
  • dimensions applied: online & offline, customer segments, product categories, devices

3. Unified Marketing Analyticsplan & optimize to enterprise KPIs

  • MTA + real time metrics
  • MMM + MTA
  • incrementality measures

noteworthy MAP unified marketing stats:

  • 10% to 50% ecomm sales measured as incremental for brand paid search
  • 50% to 70% store sales measured as incremental for non-brand paid search & PLAs
  • 100% to 200% store sales measured as incremental for paid social

4. Optimization Toolsbudget decisioning + media optimization tools

  • web-based dashboards
  • budget recommendations
  • media and audience syndication

noteworthy MAP optimization tool stats:

  • +15% lift in enterprise revenue
  • $25 million+ in cost savings
  • 25%+ increase in ROAS