Identifying and implementing the right marketing technologies for your maximum spend can be a bit like sailing into uncharted waters. Most importantly: you don’t want to go it alone. You need partners with the right experience to help you identify a myriad of potential obstacles, and the tools that consistently deliver throughout every stage of the journey.

At Ovative/group, our approach to partnerships is simple: focus on building deep relationships with a select group of leading technology providers. This means that we develop a thorough understanding of the capabilities and limitations of existing solutions, including the possibilities for integration across the marketing technology stack, based on real-world experience.

This approach offers our clients access to the most innovative and creative minds in the MarTech world, and accelerates their time to value. We work to understand our clients’ true needs and map them against potential solutions to produce a complete solution view, then manage the implementation and execution processes to make sure this vision is delivered.

Through this process, both our clients and technology partners benefit: our clients receive a more custom implementation suited to their specific needs, grounded in hands-on industry knowledge and objective perspective on solution value; technology partners win a stickier client relationship, with tools more rapidly delivering on their stated capabilities, while turning out measureable results.

partnerships: a periscopic view

business use case identification & quantification

Identify the long-term objectives you want to deliver with your marketing technology stack. How far off from these goals are you today? What technologies should you be investing in, and what impact will they have on your business?

vendor evaluation

Identify the critical requirements for a technology partner to help achieve your objectives. Which partners are best suited to your business and how do best-in-class partners fit into your overarching technology strategy?


Implementation support is a broad category and can encompass services including solution architecture, data validation, project management, user education and more. How can we jointly manage the implementation of new marketing technology to deliver the greatest value for your organization?

change management

Driving understanding, adoption, and buy-in across an organization is a crucial step to delivering sustained value – but it’s one that is often overlooked in the focus on technology implementation. How do you support key stakeholders in their journey from skeptics to “data believers”?