Ovative/group empowers business stakeholders and marketing activators to maximize the value of their customer data in order to generate more powerful insights, identify appropriate touchpoints within the customer journey, and personalize tactics to drive more effective communication

data strategy

An effective data strategy forms the bedrock for any marketing organization. Without a centralized data vision and foundation, organizations are hindered by an inability to drive efficient and effective decisioning. At Ovative, we believe in building data strategies that are actionable, relevant, integrated with the right systems and processes, and can flex and evolve over time.

examples of services and project deliverables include:

  • data vision and strategy definition
  • data & technology capabilities audit + identification of gaps and opportunities
  • current and future state data flow mapping
  • data ownership and organizational roles
  • quality assurance and governance processes
  • data activation and decisioning

customer journey mapping

Marketers today face a challenge like none other. The consumer path to purchase is increasingly complex with advertising and media exposure fragmented across multiple channels and devices. Many organizations talk about the need to understand the effectiveness of their advertising and marketing efforts in this complex environment. Ovative/group is actually doing it – helping forward thinking organizations understand marketing effectiveness and activating in channels that will drive increased return on marketing spend.

examples of services and project deliverables include:

  • CRM & marketing use case development
  • customer segmentation review & refinement
  • customer data gaps assessment relative to use cases
  • action-oriented recommendations + financial impact and prioritized rollout plan
  • stakeholder alignment, education and change management