digital transformation

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and many businesses want to ensure that they’re fully capitalizing on the latest industry advancements. Ovative partners with our clients to help them understand the role that digital should play within their offering, and the value it can deliver at each stage of the marketing funnel. We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current state, including deep data analytics on your marketing performance and marry that with our digital expertise to drive action-oriented recommendations.

examples of services and project deliverables include:

  • inventory of current digital capabilities
  • synthesized set of current-state strengths and gaps/opportunities
  • future-state digital vision, goals and objectives, and capabilities
  • opportunity sizing & financial impact
  • recommended changes to data capture and platform technology to support digital transformation and enable enhanced measurement
  • org structure and staffing recommendations, including roles & responsibilities
  • recommendations summary and prioritized roadmap

marketing planning & processes

Organizational enablers, like having the right people and processes in place, are critical to any effective digital marketing strategy. We believe that organizations who integrate planning across channels and across teams are setup to be far more successful than those who don’t. Therefore, we work with our clients to develop, launch and iteratively improve on cross-channel marketing planning processes that cascade from top-down goal setting to budget management to tactical operations and optimizations, with a feedback loop based on measured business impact.

examples of services and project deliverables include:

  • process development, documentation and iterative refinement
  • individual and team roles/responsibilities at each step in the process
  • meeting strategy (cadence, attendees, agenda and topics)
  • document templates
  • change management

digital asset monetization

Businesses are increasingly launching their own monetization networks to benefit from a profitable ancillary revenue stream. However, to effectively compete in this space, companies are finding that they must adapt their value prop to deliver more than just digital real estate or campaign activations. They must deliver strategic monetization packages coupled with performance insights and optimizations to help their advertising partners achieve their goals faster and with greater impact. At Ovative, we lean on our digital media expertise to deliver media planning, monetization and optimization strategies that help our clients launch or strengthen their monetization networks.

examples of services and project deliverables include:

  • program insights & strategies for innovation and growth
  • sales strategy & planning (e.g. rate cards, pricing models, exclusive package planning, etc.)
  • inventory, audience & placement optimization strategies
  • testing & optimization strategies
  • team education and stakeholder alignment sessions

website personalization

In today’s world of 1:1 marketing, desktop and mobile site personalization is a growing necessity. Ovative’s experience across a wide variety of industry-leading tools allows us to be an efficient and effective partner in our clients’ personalization technology evaluation and implementation processes.

examples of services and project deliverables include:

  • Use Case Development
  • Technology Selection
  • Implementation & Integration
  • Ongoing Execution
  • Analysis of Results and Ongoing Optimization