Ovative/group provides the resources, guidance, and insight to build and utilize leading marketing measurement technology stacks, delivering incremental marketing ROI and improved customer connections. Our services range from strategic, assisting in the identification of capability goals; to highly tactical, with hands on support for tool implementation, activation, and development. Our technology focuses include attribution, identity resolution, online-to-offline and beyond. Whether you’re just getting started or have all the pieces of a world-class stack in place, our industry-leading team of data scientists, solution architects, and engineers will enable your organization to achieve maximum ROI from capability investments.

measurement strategy services

Identifying what you’re trying to achieve through measurement is the first step to developing a successful measurement capability. Using our Marketing Measurement Maturity (M3) model, our team will help your organization define priorities for marketing measurement. Our evaluations are holistic, considering your organization’s strategy and objectives: technical capabilities for data ingestion, data unification, measurement, and activation; and the key enablers (people, process, and organizational factors) factoring into your measurement approach. We’ll work in partnership with a diverse set of your team to develop an aligned perspective that you can act on.

measurement strategies include:

measurement roadmap development

Whether you have technology in place or are trying to evaluate potential new partners, Ovative can help you assess capabilities, map findings against your top priorities, identify gaps, and build a roadmap to enable the solution you need. Our measurement strategists have ample experience with a wide variety of marketing measurement tools, and can help you determine the right time to implement which capabilities, and with whom. We are thought leaders in the measurement technology space, and can provide an informed perspective on established and emerging players alike.

implementation advisory

Gearing up for a new marketing measurement technology implementation? Ovative maximizes the impact of your technology while reducing implementation time, getting you to ROI that much faster. We provide both an advisory and a hands-on technical skillset which ensures your business requirements are understood and supported by your new technology partners. By providing project management, resource alignment (client, technology, agency, and beyond), implementation strategy, and support services (such as data QA) throughout implementation and launch, we make leveraging new marketing tools nearly painless.

stack operational support

Our team possesses industry-leading subject matter expertise to provide hands-on support within tools. We accelerate your usage and value capture by helping you determine how best to use tools, then supporting tactical delivery of identified use cases. Whether you’re looking to augment services provided by a partner or just need to free up capacity for internal resources, Ovative can support.

change management

Our goal is to make your organization self-sufficient on its marketing measurement technology. We provide the training, education, and skills development needed to develop internal capabilities and expertise. We’ll also help drive your tools beyond the basics—through custom data and engineering, we’ll help you build to the solution you really need, instead of leaving you reliant on the out-of-the-box options.

technology and capabilities

Ovative provides all of the offerings listed above to service each of the following tech capabilities:


If measuring the impact of online media on offline sales is a priority, consider online-to-offline measurement. By connecting digital and traditional touch points to web and store transactions, we can help your team understand digital’s impact on in-store behavior at a granular level.

data onboarding

Often, the greatest technical challenge marketers face when enabling measurement capabilities is that their data is siloed across multiple organizational databases. Ovative can help unlock your data’s potential through selection and implementation of a data onboarder with integrations to DMPs and targeting platforms. We’re a top partner to LiveRamp and have worked with data on-boarders on a variety of custom applications.

media mix modeling

When it’s an accurate, macro view of marketing performance that you require, media mix modeling is the way to go. We’ve worked with the top players in many different verticals and can help your team determine which partner is best for your business needs. We can also help you stand up and utilize these tools, ensuring the data becomes a driver of action.

multi-touch attribution

If low-granularity optimization for marketing channels is your focus, look to multi-touch attribution. Ovative has supported clients in the selection, implementation, and activation of multi-touch attribution solutions across all the key players and in a variety of custom build settings. We’re a certified Google Attribution 360 partner and support clients on many other platforms.

identity resolution & people-based marketing

If customer-level measurement is your priority, consider identity resolution. By connecting 1st and 3rd party customer data to transactional data and media interaction, we’ll help you build the complete view of your customer you need. When it’s time to move beyond measurement and start marketing to people, we’ll enable people-based marketing capabilities – we’ll develop testing plans, execute within the platforms, and measure the outcomes. We’re experts on the LiveRamp IdentityLink platform, and our team has extensive experience activating people-centric campaigns across digital marketing channels and tools.

cross-device measurement

You know your customer is moving across multiple devices—cross-device capabilities help make sense out of the noise. Our team will help you identify the best path to providing a seamless experience across user devices and also measure the impact of combined mobile and desktop purchase paths.