improving marketing efficiency through incremental measurement

There are many ways to measure marketing impact — click-throughs, conversions, impressions — and also many high-tech tools available to attribute marketing effectiveness to specific channels and tactics. But even sophisticated measurement systems can rely on assumptions and formulas that fail to measure bottom-line value. This paper looks at how controlled experiments can be used to refine results produced by other measurement tools, and can become part of an enterprise measurement process that continually generates new insights and more accurate measurements. A case study from a major U.S. retailer illustrates the enormously improved accuracy and efficiency that incremental measurement unlocks.

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online to offline measurement and activation whitepaper

online-to-offline (o2o) measurement & activation

With the ongoing shift of customer engagement and marketing budgets to digital channels across industries, C-Suites are demanding for the ability to measure the impact of digital based on a holistic view of enterprise results. Are you feeling the pressure? In this whitepaper, you’ll learn to unlock the potential for digital and marketing ROI on a level no other form of optimization can offer.

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marketing measurement system alignment: unlocking real-time actionable insights

There are multiple measurement solutions available to marketers today. While these tools undoubtedly provide value, their core strengths are often misunderstood, and adopting organizations can quickly become lost in a sea of seemingly unusable data. Overlap in tool capabilities causes conflicts in measurement results and further confusion among analysts. Marketers need to bring their heads above water by realigning focus on the essential roles these tools play, and stitching them together effectively. Do this, and both marketers and organizational leadership will be empowered to make strategic decisions directly impacting the bottom line.

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measuring online impact on offline conversions: online-to-offline abridged whitepaper

Accurately evaluating marketing performance in multi-channel organizations requires the ability to link online marketing efforts to offline sales. Online-to-offline (O2O) measurement models are able to attribute specific online interactions to offline results, presenting a clearer picture of marketing effectiveness across channels. While retailers with brick & mortar presences have been early adopters of O2O measurement, it can also be useful for lead generation in many industries including financial services, health care, and higher education.

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